While Costa Rica might not be well known for festivals, parades, and parties; there are still a number of major events that happen though out the year. This list represents most of the major holidays and events that happen in Costa Rica thought out the year.

A word of caution; not all of these events are tourist friendly. By that I mean they can be very unsafe situations for tourist. Even if you travel in a group, some of the larger events can draw some locals with bad intentions. Use your best judgment, never travel alone, and be smart with your money and valuables.


* Palmares Civic Fiestas – This is festival rich with culture. During the festival you will see a vast amount of folk dances, rides, music, bullfighting, and more.
* Alajuelita Fiestas – This festival is held honoring the Black Christ of Esquipulas, Alajuelita’s Patron Saint.
* Santa Cruz Fiestas – A typical festival that consists of dancing, marimbas and bullfighting.


* San Isidro del General Fiestas – This is the annual agricultural and industrial fair. You can expect to see bullfights and a flower exhibition among other things.
* Fiesta of the Diablitos – This is the annual reenactment of the fight between Indians and the Spanish.
* Puntarenas Carnival – A large carnival like festival that draws a crowd from all over the area.

February Weather in Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is very mild this time of year, which is why this is such a popular month to visit.

San Jose
Highs of 75ºF Lows of 59ºF Average Rainfall: 0.24 inches Humidity: 80%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 87ºF Lows of 69ºF Average Rainfall: 1.4 inches Humidity: 81%

Limón (Caribbean)
Highs of 88ºF Lows of 68ºF Average Rainfall: 8.3 inches Humidity: 87%


* Dia de los Boyeros (Oxcart Driver’s Day) – This a kind of cool sight to see. On this day the farmers parde oxcarts around down to have them and their crops blessed by local priests.
* National Orchid Show – A small festival that showcases a wide variety of extremely beautiful orchids in COsta Rica.

March Weather in Costa Rica

San Jose
Highs of 77ºF Lows of 60ºF Average Rainfall: 0.5 inches Humidity: 78%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 89ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 2.4 inches Humidity: 80%

Highs of 87ºF Lows of 69ºF Average Rainfall: 9.2 inches Humidity: 85%


* Holy Week – Being a major Catholic country, you can expect to see lots of festivals and parades all over the country.
* Juan Santamaría Day – This is a national holiday that remembers a soldier who gave his life in the battle against William Walker’s troops in 1856.

April Weather in Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica is very mild across most of the country, with limited rain fall and warm temperatures.

San Jose
Highs of 78ºF Lows of 60ºF Average Rainfall: 1.7 inches Humidity: 79%

Manuel Antonio
Highs of 89ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 6.6 inches Humidity: 84%

Highs of 87ºF Lows of 71ºF Average Rainfall: 10.9 inches Humidity: 85%


* Puerto Limon – There is usually a carnival and/or festival of sorts every May.
* San Isidro Labrador’s Day – A small holiday that honors the patron saint of farming.
* Corpus Christi Day – A religious holiday that happen on May 29.


* Saints Peter & Paul Day – Small religious holiday that falls on June 29. No big festivals, but occasionally there are parades in small towns.


* Virgin of The Sea – This festival takes place in the fishing town of Puntaranes where the fishing boats honor Puntarenas’ Patron Saint. You will also find parades, dances and fireworks.
* Guanacaste Day – A typical festival in the Gunacaste area.


* Virgin of Los Angeles – A religious holiday that honors Costa Rica’s Patron Saint , “La Negrita” with nationwide pilgrimage to the Basilica in Cartago.


* Costa Rica’s Independence Day – This celebrated on September 15th. There are a variety of festivals all over the country. Some places have parades filled with children and lanterns.


* Limon Carnival – This is the biggest festival to hit the Carribean side of Costa Rica all year.
* Tres Rios Virgen del Pilar’s Day – Another religous holiday the honors the Patron Saint with parades and costumes made entirely of corn husks and byproducts.


* All Souls day – On November 2 Costa Rica celebrates its day of the dead. While its not nearly as exciting as in other countries, you may find a random parade here or there.
* Central Valley Coffee Festival – An all around fun festival with a coffee pick contest, music, food, vendors, and more.


* Fiesta de los Negritos – This is a popular event held in the Indian village of Boruca. At it, they perform an ancient Indian ritual that honors the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.
* Nicoya Fiesta de la Yeguita – Another typical Costa Rica festival that is complete with bull fights, music, dancing, fireworks,a nd more.
* Carnival – This is San Joses equivalent of Mardi Gras. A large festival full of music, drinking, food, and events.