Jungle Hike with Cat & Dogs – Costa Rica Expat Mom

Nature connection is one of my daily activities and also one of the most important tools for myself to keep in touch with my higher self and in a holistic balance. Costa Rica has infinite places where you can go and enjoy the tropics as its best and most of the times without even have to go too far away from your actual house.

If you need help with either of these things or just more general information about moving to Costa Rica, make sure to check out my Move to Costa Rica Info and Support playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL46nhLsL0ys7zMnLd3BtAjqzjsuHXRfK8

Or set up a one-on-one call to speak directly with me and ask away all questions you may have about living here!

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Pura Vida!

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