The Villas at Blackhawk

< img src =""> A local can qualify in one (1) of three(3 )ways. The first way is that they offer monetary documents that they gross (before taxes) in a year one and a half (1.50) times the overall rental quantity on the lease agreement. Financial documentation can include financial assistance, loans, current bank statements, existing W-2 tax return, trust fund accounts, or any other financial documents of funds that can be liquidated rapidly or that do not vary due to monetary market activity. The 2nd method is that a resident can provide a guarantor and guarantor documentation. A guarantor is anybody of the age of eighteen (18) that can provide financial paperwork that shows they gross three (3) times the total rental amount on the lease contract. The final method of certifying is that a local can pay the entire overall rental quantity for the lease prior to he/she relocations in. A homeowner doesn’t need to offer certification documents at the time of lease signing, however rather has fourteen (14) days after signing a lease to offer credentials documents.


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